Pricing & Fees

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Pricing & Fees

Translation Fees

We offer very low competitive fees for all your translation requirements. Our charges are levied per word on the original source text to be translated and target text in which the translation has to be delivered. We can also certify translations if you require a certified official translation and you can also get your translation officially certified with the Appostile should you require it. A minimum fee is normally applied for very short translations

Interpreting Fees

We have different rates for interpreting services based on an hourly rate, half day rate or full day rate. Our rate also varies depending on the type of interpreting required if this is one to one interpreting, whispering interpreting, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting and conference interpreting.

Conference Organisation Fees for video and audio equipment

We offer very low competitive fees for any type of video, audio and interpreting equipment for your conference or event in Malta. Contact us with your requirements and we will be able to help you plan your event and provide you with out free quote without any obligation on your part.

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You can also get our quotation for the services that you require at no cost.

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