negotiable instrument

strument negozjabbli

dokument ta' titolu li jista' jgħaddi liberament minn id għal oħra. Ngħidu aħna, ċekkijiet li min jinħarġu f'ismu jista' jinnegozjahom billi jew idaħħal isem ħaddieħor biex jitħallsu lilu jew billi jirrendi d-dokument miftuħ billi jendorsjah (jiffirma ismu), ġeneralment fuq in-naħa ta' wara (IW)

In other languages:

  • negotiable instrument [EN] - a document of title that can be freely negotiated. For example, cheques, in which the stated payee of the instrument can negotiate the instrument by either inserting the name of a different payee or by making the document open by endorsing it (signing one's name), usually on the reverse (IW)
  • titolo negoziabile [IT]

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