Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) II

il-Meccanismo per il Tasso di Cambio

In other languages:

  • Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) II [EN] - the structure linking the currencies of some non-participating Member States to the euro since 1 January 1999. Fluctuations of plus or minus 15% against a currency's central rate against the euro are allowed, but Denmark has been operating to a 2.5% limit. Membership of ERM II is voluntary but Member States outside the euro area are expected to join (NECCG)
  • Il-Mekkaniżmu tar-Rati tal-Kambju (MRK) ll (ERM) ll [MT] - l-istruttura li, sa mill-1 ta' Jannar 1999, tgħaqqad flimkien mal-ewro l-muniti ta' xi Stati Membri li għadhom ma addottawihx. Hu permess ċaqliq sa 15% 'l fuq jew 'l isfel mar-rata medja ta' munita kontra l-ewro iżda d-Danimarka qed taddotta limitu sa 2.5%. Id-dħul fil-MRK II hu volontarju iżda Stati Membri barra mill-erja ta' l-ewro huma mistennija li jissieħbu (NECCG)

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