investment objective

investment objective

the goal, such as growth, capital appreciation, or income that an investor pursues. Collective investment schemes also have investment objectives which are stated in the prospectus. The investment objective often determines the type of securities in which the fund invests, the result expected and the level of risk with which it is associated (IW)

In other languages:

  • objettiv ta' l-investimenti [MT] - l-iskop, ngħidu aħna tkabbir, apprezzament tal-kapital, jew dħul ta' flus, li jfittex investitur. Skemi ta' investiment kollettiv ukoll għandhom objettivi ta' investiment li huma ddikjarati fil-prospett. L-objettiv ta' investiment spiss jiddetermina x-xorta ta' titoli ta' sigurtà li l-fondi jinvesti fihom, ir-riżultati mistennija u l-livell ta' riskju marbut magħhom (IW)
  • obiettivo dell'investimento [IT]

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