client’s account

client's account

intermediaries are required to establish separate bank accounts into which investors' money available for investment is maintained. MFSA prohibits an intermediary from using investors' money to finance his own activities. It also requires intermediaries to segregate such money from that of their own (IW)

In other languages:

  • kont tal-klijent [MT] - intermedjari huma obbligati jiftħu kontijiet bankarji separati li fihom iżommu l-flus li investituri jgħaddulhom biex jinvestu. L-MFSA tipprojbixxi intermedjarju milli juża flus ta' l-investituri biex jiffinanzja attivitajiet tiegħu stess. Hu mitlub ukoll li l-intermedjarji jifirdu dawn il-flus minn tagħhom stess (IW)
  • conto del cliente [IT]

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