agent or sub-agent

agent or sub-agent

an intermediary, bank, company, person or other financial organisation that regularly performs services for another in a place or market to which the other does not have direct access. (Intermediaries may have agents in foreign countries or on exchanges of which they are not members, sometimes also referred to as correspondent (IW and IG).

In other languages:

  • aġent [MT] - intermedjarju, bank, kumpanija, persuna jew organizzazzjoni finanzjarja oħra li regolarment tagħti servizzi f'isem ħaddieħor f'post jew suq li għalih l-ieħor m'għandux aċċess dirett. (Intermedjarji jista' jkollhom aġent f'pajjiżi barranin jew f'boroż li huma m'humiex membri tagħhom, xi drabi aġent jissejjaħ korrispondent (IW and IG)
  • agente [IT]

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