fund manager (or fund management company)

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  • fund manager (or fund management company) [EN] - a fund manager is usually a company whose line of business is investing in other companies and entities on behalf of a collective investment scheme. The scheme appoints the fund manager to buy and sell securities in accordance with the investment objectives. In Malta, a fund manager normally holds a Category 2 licence (IW)
  • maniġer ta' fond (ara kumpanija għall-immaniġġar ta' fond) [MT] - maniġer ta' fond normalment kumpanija li n-negozju tagħha hu li tinvesti f'kumpaniji u entitajiet oħra f'isem skema ta' investiment kollettiv. L-iskema taħtar maniġer ta' fond biex jixtri u jbigħ titoli ta' sigurtà skond l-objettivi ta' investiment tagħha. F'Malta, maniġer ta' fond ġeneralment ikollu liċenzja ta' kategorija 2 (IW)
  • amministratore di fondi [IT]

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