Why a Website? (About the dictionary)

The financial services industry is a developing industry that is becoming one of the most important pillars within the Maltese economy. In 2006 it was felt that the industry needed specific terminology in both Maltese and English, to be able to streamline the financial terms used in the sector. The Dictionary for Financial Services was published in December 2006 and contains 1,600 terms used in the industry as well as some general terms that are commonly used. The terms are in Maltese and English and each term has its defined meaning. The response from various quarters for this initiative was positive and very encouraging. It was therefore decided to enlarge the dictionary with new terms, to add a new language to the dictionary and to change the medium of delivery for the dictionary.

The most important decision to put the dictionary online in its own dedicated website was difficult, time consuming and expensive. However it was felt that this had many advantages. The online dictionary would be available to everybody on the web for free. The online dictionary would also be growing and changing with new terms being added or changed in accordance with feedback received on the same website. This would make the website alive by being continuously updated. In addition the decision to add the equivalent Italian terminology to the Maltese and English terms gives the dictionary a new dimension. In fact this makes the Malta Online Dictionary the first and only dictionary having Maltese and Italian terms.

The Malta Online Dictionary is a new ambitious project that became a reality due to the generosity of the sponsors. Big household companies in the local market came together in the sponsorship of this website. The sponsors believed in this project and I would like to heartily thank them for their support and encouragement. The Malta Online Dictionary was born thanks to the support of the sponsors.

Thank you
Carlo Farrugia


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